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0001.  海外の俺たち 4chan


>Comes back to Earth with OP isekai powers
>Becomes a youtuber
What the fuck was his problem?

0002.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Sega fan. 

0003.  海外の俺たち 4chan 

ok, but would he have saved the saturn?

0004.  海外の俺たち 4chan

I literally look like that in real life, just 10 or 20 years younger. 

0005.  海外の俺たち 4chan

The show would actually be good if it was YouTube antics and real world shenanigans instead of every episode being “let’s watch memory tv!”

0006.  海外の俺たち 4chan

the chapter where he discovers the sega mini and tries to call every console a sega console is the best imo
aldo sawa is the cutest

0007.  海外の俺たち 4chan

If it was that I would have continued reading it. The real world shenanigans and sega jokes were vastly more fun than isekai one note joke segments. I still read a chapter or so when I’m really bored I guess.

0008,  海外の俺たち 4chan

What the fuck was his problem?
Literally self-inflicted brain damage to remove untold traumatic memories. 

0009.  海外の俺たち 4chan

he just wanted to play vidya and share the Sega gospel with the world

0010.  海外の俺たち 4chan

he could be a superhero or be some kind of celebrity for like a month and he wouldn’t need to work ever again

0011.  海外の俺たち 4chan

But he do not want to be a celebrity, he wants to be youtuber

0012.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Do you really think uncle wants that? 

0013.  海外の俺たち 4chan

abusing the spirits
enjoy human extinction. 

0014.  海外の俺たち 4chan

be a superhero
The fuck does a superhero even do and why would a society need one? 

0015.  海外の俺たち 4chan

You could make a decent living being a one man firefighter squad. Save people from burning buildings, douse unnecessarily large amounts of water on an entire neighborhood block to put out one house fire, construct a barrier three blocks wide obstructing traffic to catch one fleeing purse thief, the sky’s the limit. And by “the sky’s the limit” I mean because you’re also broadcasting your own liveblog in the clouds without city permission because who the fuck would have thought to legislate non-radio non-aircraft airspace?

0016.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Then either the government shows up to tell you to not get in their way or you get sued by occupants for water damage

0017.  海外の俺たち 4chan

The “one man firefighter squad” would at least have to be an officially sanctioned job. If you’re going around being THAT much of a nuisance, then, well, may as well also do it while invisible and every time your services are rendered you pay yourself from some government vault.
Leave a bill detailing “services rendered” and play a game of cat and mouse while they attempt to false flag more fires and happenings trying to figure out who you are.
The point is you can have a lot of fun if you just treat IRL like a game. (even without powers)

0017.  海外の俺たち 4chan 

he could be a superhero
He gets killed by the government in less than 2 weeks if he shows anything 

0018.  海外の俺たち 4chan


I hope Elf-san reunites with ojisan by the end of the story.

0019.  海外の俺たち 4chan

BTW the plot makes it CLEAR that ojisan is ugly to the point of being regularly mistaken for an orc. Even in later chapters. Yet he has three girls incredibly thirsty for him? Why? Elf-san you can KIND of explain as her being in despair of ever finding a man worthy of her so when one stronger than her finally shows up she forces herself to pretend his looks aren’t that bad. But what about the other two? They have no reason at all to find him attractive. 

0020.  海外の俺たち 4chan

He’s a nice guy. But honestly I don’t care for the rest of the harem. Even though NEET and Tits are cute, Elf was the real love interest. I just want author to write a short story WN that distills the juiciest part of the pivotal parts of their romance rather than this meandering mangaslop. 

0021.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Elf is the only one who thinks there’s any romance

0022.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Bro, unlike us men, woman put attractiveness as 2nd or 3rd place for consideration. They want someone who reliable (strong enough to do what he expected, honest enough to not cheating, kind enough to raise kids) especially in Isekai where many dangerous threat outside your city. 

0023.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Bro, unlike us men, woman put attractiveness as 2nd or 3rd place for consideration
Tell that to the 70% “dating” 9 or 10/10s

0024.  海外の俺たち 4chan

He’s an isekai protagonit.

0025.  海外の俺たち 4chan


He’s already had godlike powers in another world and didn’t do much with it.
He just wants to play games man.

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