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僕の妻は感情がないのミーナ 雑談

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0001.  海外の俺たち 4chan


My Wife Has No Emotion anime preview out 

0002.  海外の俺たち 4chan

The best thing in the preview is her voice. I was really afraid they would give her a normal voice, but I think it sounds great. 

0003.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Ugly looking Chobits
They be adapting anything these days 

0004.  海外の俺たち 4chan

not seen advanced versions yet

0005.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Aaaaa I don’t like how they adapted the art style.
4 highlights on the robot eyes is way too much, and just how faces look is kinda off.
Usually I have issues with VAs but here main thing is the art 

0006.  海外の俺たち 4chan


hope they don’t animate that chapter where a different robot is given an impossible task so it can’t return home because the owner died so it’s the only way the robot can remember the owner, if the robot somehow returns after completing the task it will be collected by the government and have its memory erased.

I don’t want to see that shit animated.

0007.  海外の俺たち 4chan

I am optimistic since I love the manga

0008.  海外の俺たち 4chan

this feels even more soulless than the manga

0009.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Working as intended then

0010.  海外の俺たち 4chan

I’ve got enough soul to fill her with! Every day! 

0011.  海外の俺たち 4chan


Takuma seems to young and lively.

0012.  海外の俺たち 4chan

I think it’s mostly an art style thing.

0013.  海外の俺たち 4chan

He definitely looks older in the manga He had loser in his 30s vibes and not loser in his 20s

0015.  海外の俺たち 4chan

最近までこういったことはフィクションだったと彼女に説明し、どんなにかわいい妻ボットなのかを褒めるのはワイルドな体験になるでしょうね :) 

Looking forward to watching this with my IRL robo wife in the future
Gonna be wild when I explain to her that such things were only fiction until recently, and then compliment her on what a cute wife bot she is 🙂

0016.  海外の俺たち 4chan

anon… we’re not gonna see robowives in our lifetimes

0017.  海外の俺たち 4chan

implying there won’t be any aftermarket kits for the Tesla Bot

0018.  海外の俺たち 4chan
もう第一世代の技術は実は持ってるんじゃないの? 今んところアシスタントに話し相手、まあエッチな用途くらいしかできねないけど、それだけでもう始まってることだよな。

I think we already have the technology for the first generation. It won’t do much besides being an assistant, chat and s●x but already is something. 

0019.  海外の俺たち 4chan

I don’t think anyone would define an alexa stuck in a s●x doll as a robo wife anon. Functioning humanoid robots look like pic related so moving like a human and having s●x are mutually exclusive features atm. But to be fair I’d put being able to cook higher up on my list of desired features that either, I work long hours and don’t have time to eat right on weekdays 

0020.  海外の俺たち 4chan


What would you do if you knew what you robot really thinks about serving you? 

0021.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Basically that she will lie and pretend as long as it makes humans happy since that’s what robots are supposed to do. 

0022.  海外の俺たち 4chan



all this talk is making me wonder if an anime adaptation ever tried to fix mistakes that were in the original Manga/LN to do their own thing.

I think maybe Kare Kano author had a problem with the adaptation.

0023.  海外の俺たち 4chan

It used to happen alot. The original Urusei Yatsura anime being the shining example, the manga was a harem but the anime focused alot more on just Lum. After FMA ended up getting 2 complete series b/c of the blowback on the first being soo different from the manga anime adaptations, outside of long running shonen, tend to be very faithful to the manga most commonly just changing around the order at the beginning and end of the season to make things flow better or get cool scenes in. The biggest “correction” that I know of this season was Mahoako retconning a character shouting “Hen! Shin! Ultraman!” to “Hen! Shin! Ultrama’am!” because it is both funnier and fixes a continuity error

0024.  海外の俺たち 4chan

This is only ever a good thing if the original author is involved, if even then, because otherwise you end up with the kind of flops we have seen for Wester adaptations where the show writers want to tell their own story and think they know better than the author.

0025.  海外の俺たち 4chan

I cant wait to see this animated

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