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魔法少女にあこがれて 雑談

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0001.  海外の俺たち 4chan


Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete Blu-ray/DVD vol.1 sold 6,616 copies in its first week.

0002.  海外の俺たち 4chan

6k wasn’t even bad in the era of BD sales being the most important numbers, retard. In 2024 6k is a massive success. 

0003.  海外の俺たち 4chan

it’s actually 8,114

0004.  海外の俺たち 4chan

That’s pretty good these days for week 1. Should easily pass 10K next week then.

0005.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Okay, I’m getting different numbers from different anons. Who the fuck is telling the truth?

0006.  海外の俺たち 4chan

it was actually over 8k and I am pretty sure a sequel is all but secured the way they were baiting in the last episode and on twitter. 

0007.  海外の俺たち 4chan

It’s 8114 you shitposting retard. 

0008.  海外の俺たち 4chan

mid sales for a mid show, also the projection was 11k but of course a lot cancelled after it was confirmed low budget trash

0009.  海外の俺たち 4chan

In fact, you’re not lying, there were many users who canceled the basic version of Mahoako because they thought it would be a waste, but only to reserve the limited version with the figure and more content, but even so many of them could not purchase it 

0010.  海外の俺たち 4chan


A literal who manga with QUALITY anime sells roughly as much as Frieren BDs is pretty good.

0011.  海外の俺たち 4chan

While this is true and this is actually a good number, some idiots were conceived it was going to sell 15-20k.

0012.  海外の俺たち 4chan

You also need to consider that Frieren BDs where sold for like double the normal price of standards BDs.

0013.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Yeah it’s pretty good for an eechi. Expecting it to sell like Bocchi or LecoReco is delusional. 

0014.  海外の俺たち 4chan


The 8K will only account for the first run of the special edition
Not the 2nd or 3rd that both sold out
Ah I see we’re in peak shitposting hours. 

0015.  海外の俺たち 4chan


This show isn’t even yuri. Yuri is when you reject men, but there are no men in that universe so all these girls are actually normal and not gay

0016.  海外の俺たち 4chan


8k first week is not bad at all 

0017.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Every show must sell at least fucking 80k opening day or IT’S DEAD AND NOT GETTING ANOTHER SECOND OF ANIMATED CONTENT

0018.  海外の俺たち 4chan


Apparently it sold like 8x as much as 100GF’s first week, ouch. I like both series, I’d kinda hoped 100gfs would pop off a bit more, but at least we get a second part.

0019.  海外の俺たち 4chan


Good, adding next weeks numbers and all other sold out preorders it should be around 11-12k for volume 1.
Great number for seasonal yuri ecchi show.
I’m more laughing at all other big name titles this season which are the ones which flopped hard while having male MC. 

0020.  海外の俺たち 4chan


So uh, there will still be a second season right?

0021.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Second season or the possibility of second season are already defined by the production comitee, even if they managed to greenlight a second season for Mahoako, due to the busy schedule of the studios, it would probably take 4 or 5 years for it to happen.

0022.  海外の俺たち 4chan

Based on how Popular it is in terms of Streaming, merchandise, Social media and BD sales, it definitely has a good chance, the problem is if the production committee anticipated the success and already planning for 2nd Season in the near future, as it’s popularity would fizzled slowly but surely as long as they take too long to release S2. 

0023.  海外の俺たち 4chan


even 10 years ago were BD/ DVD sales were the live or Die of a series production (today on Streaming royalties make a lot of the bulk)
8K is pretty decent, its not record shattering 30K (Madoka, Love live) or 10-15K anomalies(horizon in hte middle of Nowhere, Accel World), but anything then that made over 4K sales was considered a success 

0024.  海外の俺たち 4chan


10-15K anomalies(horizon in hte middle of Nowhere, Accel World

And those are from a different time. They wouldn’t sell as much if they came out now. 

0025.  海外の俺たち 4chan


Any information if there are differences between the Blue Ray and the uncensored broadcast?

0026.  海外の俺たち 4chan


From what I heard only the moans

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